Sunday, May 17, 2015


We're graduating.
But just because we're getting a little piece of paper that said we did it doesn't mean we are even close. We just finished the easy part of our life and everyone is saying "Congratulations!" and "You're finally done!" but that's not true.
They should be saying "I'm sorry." Because we're about to step into a world full of pain and despair. We'll go from 800 friends down to about 2 in a few short months. We're walking into a world of hot pockets for lunch every day and waking up each morning wondering how we will pay for our next meal because textbooks are going to take at least two months pay. College is expensive but those who aren't going are only making it worse. They may not be paying now, but unless they are a performance driven workaholic machine, they will be paying for it later.

But maybe there is a bright side.

We do get more freedom, both good and bad. We can start doing all the "real world stuff" that people have been talking about for 18 years.

It's going to be hard.
It's going to be the "real world."
It's going to have some of the best times.
And the very worst times.

It's going to be life.

Never give up.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Creepy heart gif

My heart

My heart is beating for the lovers
                                     the fighters
                                     the inbetweeners
My heart beats because it's not alone.
It beats with the sea of hearts around it,
but not at the same time.
And even if it was alone,
it would keep beating.
It would keep beating just in case there was someone out there it was beating for.
So they wouldn't give up.

All it does is pump blood,
and give life.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Am I broken?

I don't stop thinking, I can't. My mind runs and runs and I can't do anything about it. I feel like nobody else thinks the same thoughts as I do. Am I broken? Why do I find myself questioning everything at every turn? Why is it that every time I learn something interesting or new I get a natural high? Am I addicted to learning? I'm supposed to hate school because I've been doing it for so long and everybody else does, but I can't get enough of it. If I could pick any career I wanted and get paid for it, it would be to go to school. Get degree after degree of pure knowledge, simply for the sake of knowing. Am I broken?

I remember the fear

I remember the dark. I remember the warmth. I remember the fear.

I remember forgetting that I even needed to breathe.

I remember the pain.

I remember the sharp rocks and bruised bleeding legs.

I remember the sulfur burned eyes.

I remember the rock grasped tightly in my fist.

I remember the fear.

I remember the feeling of thinking that I was going to die.

I remember it like it happened last week.

And most of all, I remember the CRUNCH.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Playing with google translate

I typed these sentences into Google translate and translated them into different languages ten times and then back to English and this is what I got.

1. I really enjoy creative writing when I am bored.
    I did, and then write.

2. I wish I had fresh apples to eat.
    I would like to eat fresh apple.

3. Hair does not smell great when burned.
   The smell of burning hair.

4. Cats do not like to fly around at night.
    Cats do not like running at night.

5. Grab a root beer and jump off of a deep chasm.
    First try:     जड s Marin जाओ Cervisia
    Second try:  Root beer, jump Gulf

6. Circles are more round than a fresh pineapple.
    Many young people around the pineapple ring.

7. Growing spiders in my back yard is my favorite hobby.
    Development and Spiderman is my favorite favorite.

8. I often find myself tripping when I walk.
    I never often found.


I sat with my shoes for hours.

On the bench, on the patio, and all around.





And then I had a thought.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

So here is a thirteen thousand word essay.

I included plenty of detail.

What do they say to you?